David Bobis - interview with Faile

Lost in Glimmering Shadows: Interview with Faile

I didn’t know that they were this big. From street work in New York to exhibitions in London, Mongolia and everywhere else in the damn world, the boys from Faile have helped evolve street art into something completely new. Read my interview with the two Patricks from Faile in No Cure

Christmas in Singapore

And so I spent Christmas and New Year in Singapore. Every time I return to Singapore, I make sure to walk by Marina Bay. Its vertical gardens and high towers and architectural landmarks always remind me of the grand things human beings are capable of. I also spent a lot of time in Win
Jamie Lewis Singapore Brisbane Exchange Metro Arts

The Culture Queen

Who are we? That was just one topic of (surprisingly sober) conversation I had with bubbly artist Jamie Lewis when she and the folks at Metro Arts invited me for the second last day of the Singapore<>Brisbane Exchange. The story is this: a collaboration between Metro Arts in Bri

Chapter One.

Dear Readers: This is my first post. Here, you’ll be able to find out what I’m working on at the moment. You can also browse through some of my existing work.