Paths to publishing: should you self publish your work?

Paths to publishing: should you self publish your work?

Last month, I joined Anna Daniels, Kylie Kaden, Ian Wynne and Ella Jefrey (moderator) in a QUT Alumni Authors panel talking about writing fiction. Because who doesn’t like fiction? The audience was fantastic, by the way.

Interested in getting your work published? Next month, I’ll be joining another panel of authors (Kylie Kaden, Maggie Christensen, Amy Andrews, Debbie Terranova and David Cottone) at the Letter Lounge Cafe about getting published traditionally versus self publishing.

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About the Author
David Bobis is an award winning writer whose stories have been published in The Melbourne Age, Ceriph, and Solarcide. He received a third place prize for a national Melbourne Age short story writing competition at the age of 18, was shortlisted for the Brisbane State Library Young Writer's Award in 2005 and received the third place prize for the John Marsden Short Story Literary Award in 2009.